Venice Trip Planner

Venice Trip PlannerVenice is one of Italy’s most remarkable cities to visit when traveling in Europe. The six-hundred year old city is secluded on the Venetian lagoon near the Po River. Travelers will find that 118 islands comprise Venice. Most of the sites are in the districts of San Marco, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, Castello, San Polo and Cannaregio.

The weather and climate are an important consideration when planning a trip to Venice. Spring and autumn are more comfortable, though this is high tourist season. Venice in winter, November through January, has fewer tourists, but is damp, cold and foggy.

Transportation is a key item in trip planning. The nearest airport is Marco Polo Airport adjacent to Mestre. Travelers can reach Piazzale Roma by shuttle or city bus. Visitors can plan a train trip from the mainland through Mestre to VeneziaMestre on Venice’s west side. Ships dock at the StazioneMarittima, on the west edge of the islands. Venice is accessible by water bus from the airport terminal. Upon reaching the city, travelers can walk to their destination.

Tourists can plan a trip based on strolling around Venice. The ideal starting point is the Rialtine Islands in the center of the city. Many of the areas are an hour’s walk. The water taxis and vaporetti, or water buses, are the most convenient methods of traveling, with the vaporetti being inexpensive. Planning a trip on the Vaporettodell’Arte lets a traveler view the stunning riches along the Grand Canal. The ticket permits travel from 12 hours to a week and lets travelers enter and exit the boat, as they wish, to visit the churches and museums.

The most notable sites to include in the planning of a trip to Venice are the Bell Tower of St. Mark, Clock Tower, Scuolagrande di San Rocco, Doge’s Palace and Jewish Ghetto of Venice. Outdoor tourist attractions are the Zattere, which is the walk beside the Giudecca Canal, the Rialto Bridge and Market, and Venice’s many churches, including San Giacomo di Rialto and Saint Mark’s Basilica. Venice has numerous museums to incorporate on a trip starting with Saint Marc’s. Others are La Fenicetheater, Correr Museum and Mocenigo Palace.

A traveler to Venice can attend a variety of events. Regata ‘Storica is a regatta historical Venetian boats ranging from the Roman times to the present with these boats being rowed along the Grand Canal. The Voga Longa is an annual marathon on water with participants rowing 30 kilometers. La Biennale de Venezia presents two arts exhibitions.

A trip to Venice lets travelers experience over a thousand years of history starting in the ninth century. Venice is a tribute to the history and art from the Renaissance to the present day.

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