Things You Should Keep in Mind During Your First Visit to India

With an amazing blend of cultural heritage, vibrant culture, natural beauty and magnificent architecture, India represents to be an enticing holiday destination for tourists from across the world. Besides, it is its friendly people who make travelers even more comfortable. Well, travelling is always enjoyable but it comes with a few conditions. The condition is that you should be well aware and do some extra preparations to know about the country you will be travelling in. And, if it is India, you have to follow few simple or say handy tips. In the following write-up, we have mentioned what all you need to know before planning your first visit to India!


Valid Passport & Visa: First of all, like any other international travel requirement, you will have to have a valid passport with visa to travel to India. The duration and type of visa should also be specified to avoid any hassle while travelling to India. However, here is an additional tip, do carry your passport while travelling anywhere in India because it is your identity in a foreign country. 

Pack Light but Carry Your Essentials: The first rule for any traveler traveling anywhere is “pack as light as possible”. So, follow it and pack as light as it is possible. In fact, pack the essentials and cloths suiting your traveling time (research about the weather in advance). In addition, you should carry some common medicine which you may need like for stomachache, toothache, headache etc. Besides, carrying specific medication on which you are is a must.

Money Matter: Before entering into a foreign country, you should always carry sufficient amount of cash which you can get converted on the money exchange counter at the airport. In India, usually you would need cash for instant payments unless you are shopping in any selected shop. Thus, carrying cash is a must. However, it is always advised to carry plastic money (International Debit & Credit Cards) if in case you get short of money. 

Always Use Bottled Water

Yes, water! Water is a necessity for anyone to sustain and it differs in different countries. In India, you can’t be sure of what kind of water you will be consuming. So, make it a big mark in your checklist that you will always and always drink and use sterilized / bottled water. So, at any eating joint you visit, always ask for bottled water it may cost you more but will be healthier.

Avoid Experimenting with Food

Like water, in India, the food can be risky too. Though Indian spices are renowned for their distinct flavors and taste but not anyone can digest it. It’s always said that when you visit any place you must try street food but in India, we won’t suggest you to do so. Therefore, try to have your meal at well known places such as McDonalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut or any other reputed restaurants in the city. Most importantly, take it as an advice, avoid spicy street food (like Chat, Tikki, Pani Puri and other snacks) because they are not hygienic and can be very unsafe for your digestive system.

Apart from above mentioned tips, wearing appropriate clothes (to avoid unwanted attention and problem) and asking for pick up and drop from Airport / Railway station by hotel are some of the other things you must keep in mind. Visit before planning a tour and get best deals on holiday packages to India.

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