Marmaris Excursions: Local Tours

Located by the splendid location where the waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas slide one over the other, Marmaris is a bustling resort center you will love to visit again and again! Marmaris has everything an avid traveler looks for. It has great comforts, sudden surprises, sheer adventures, lazy and relaxing day outs, fantastic fun, nature’s exotic beauty, and much more. This little holiday resort houses some of the best hotels in Turkey and these hotels, one better than the other provide you all the luxury and comfort you look for in a location abroad. Similarly, there are many economy hotels and apartments that fit into a tight budget!

If you are staying in Marmaris for a short vacation and wish to visit places that are never far away from your hotel, local tours around Marmaris are ideal getaway ideas. Marmaris local excursions like Turkish Bath, Jeep Safari, City Tour, Turkish Nightlife, Horse Safari or Water Park Tours are organized within the vicinity of Marmaris and you need not go far from the city center.


Take our Turkish Bath tour as you begin your vacation in Turkey. Enjoy a rejuvenating Turkish Bath as the Sultans did: our masseurs will give you a range of massages and provide you a refreshing feeling that stays with you for long. Top up your fresh feeling when you are about to get back to your place after enjoying your vacation in Marmaris.

Our Turkish Night tour provides you an opportunity t have a glimpse of the vibrant nightlife in Marmaris. The dances by our artists from Anatolia, the Turkish folklore musicians, the enthusiastic belly dancers and other graceful performers will make your evening come alive in full colors. Among all these wonderful colors and a lively atmosphere in one of our most comfortable locations, you can sip on your favorite drinks, savor the most delicious of the Turkish delicacies and join our crew as one of the participants for an evening!

The Jeep Safari and the Horse Safari organized just by the outskirts of the town are great escapes from the hustle and bustle of the busy resort center. The safari among the lovely country side, across the cool streams and along the rugged roads in the wooded region gives you a great delight. You will also get an opportunity to meet the local villagers and enjoy a tasty lunch in their company.

The town has two exotic water parks and each of these parks is an ideal getaway during a hot summer day! The fantastic rides available in the park are meant for all ages, but your kids will especially love them a lot. You will hardly love to come back from these wonderful locations.

Likewise, our City Tour is an interesting tour to participate and take a walk around the city, its castles, mosques, market places, amphitheater, and its historic and cultural landmarks. Our local excursions in Marmaris range from 2-hour duration to full-day tours; they come with pickup and drop back services, guide services, food and other services to keep you fully focused on spending your day to your delight!


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