How Does Your Airbag Works? – Get an Eyeful

One of the top priorities of every automobile company is to design a vehicle that provides utmost safety to the drivers.  In old days, people were entirely depended on the seatbelts to protect themselves during road accident. The single over the shoulder belt prevents passenger and drivers to strike on the interior of the car during the crash, but today, when there is more number of vehicles available on the road, it has become essential to use advanced safety measures to stay safe.

When you drive on highways, you are more prone to meet fatal accidents, and hence, you need something to protect you from death or injuries during the crash successfully. In 1998, it has become mandatory for every car to posses air bags to ensure their safety, and here, in this article we will discuss how these safety bags can save you from getting severely hurt and injured.

How does it inflate?

There are many sites such as through which you can buy different types of air bags and kits, but before buying such products, it is very much imperative for everyone to understand its mechanism. While you’re driving, both you and vehicle are in a momentum, both are moving forward at a certain speed. If something stops your car suddenly, you would continue moving with the same speed until something stops you as well. The airbags are designed to interrupt your momentum as quickly as possible,

The front bag is usually installed in the doors and seats, and mostly made from nylon. It is stuffed into the center portion of your steering wheel. There is a special sensor that gets triggers when something interrupts car’s momentum, and it turns on the switch of the airbag. The switch is normally kept open, but if the momentum of your car slows abruptly. It closes and sends an electrical signal to the sensor that the car has collided in the path and accelerates the bag to inflate. It releases nitrogen gas to inflate the airbag.

How it resolves early safety issue?

When this technology was integrated into vehicles for the first time, people were not about the potential harm its force could cause. After a lot of cases of injuries, the vehicle is modified to create a safe zone of ten inches between the driver and the bag, and it considered enough to protect driver from the injury caused by the bag’s deployment.  As children are more prone to the injuries than adults, additional safety guidelines are required to ensure unbeatable safety.  Kids under twelve should wear rear seatbelt. You will find a range of safety measures on popular sites such as at a reasonable price and with detailed information to grab the best product for your vehicle.


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