Enjoy These Great Activities at Hawaii Resorts

holidayFor vacationers looking for a fabulous luxury vacation, consider a trip to one or more of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is a beautiful vacation destination that truly needs no introduction. The long white-sand beaches and fresh sea breezes are enough to captivate anyone’s heart.

Luxury Hawaii vacations start with Hawaii resorts that come with all the trimmings. If you are looking for exclusivity, consider spending your Hawaii vacation at secluded Hawaii resorts on the lesser-travelled islands.

For a truely memorbale visit to the islands, consider an itinerary that includes big-ticket activities like sky diving and scuba diving, as well as indulgent outdoor spa experiences and candlelit dinners on the water.


When selecting Hawaii resorts for your vacation, be sure to look for resorts that offer spa services either at an in-house spa or in your suite. If your resort is beachfront, and it should be since you’re in Hawaii, look for outdoor massages and facials. You’ll be able to hear the waves crashing against the shore as your masseuse soothes your tension.

For vacationers traveling with a spouse or special someone, consider booking a couple’s massage. You’ll lay side by side as your receive your treatment, either in a large treatment room or in your suite. This is a romantic idea that is perfect for honeymoons and anniversaries, or just because.

If you’re getting a Hawaii massage, make sure it’s an authentic one. Consider finding a spa that performs lomi-lomi, an ancient Hawaiian massage that involves a deeply spiritual component. Lomi-lomi incorporates hot stones, optional prayer, breathing techniques and a great ambiance. For instance, if you stay at the Fairmont Orchid on Big Island, you can walk to your massage session on a cooled lava path to a scenic hut right on the beach.


Many of the five-star Hawaii resorts offer fine dining options, so make sure to check the restaurant choices at your own resort as well as the surrounding resorts when looking for places to dine. You may also want to check out a couple of the local eateries while you’re in Hawaii to experience some authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Enquire with the concierge at your resort and ask for their recommendations.

If you really want to eat authentic Polynesian food, attending a luau is a must. One of the best luaus in the country is at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Feast on a Hawaiian buffet while enjoying traditional dances and songs.

For a high point in a romantic Hawaii vacation, charter a boat for a private tour and then a romantic candlelit dinner on the water.


In Hawaii, you can dive out of a plane and beneath the waves. Pacific Skydiving Hawaii offers experienced instructors for experienced and first-time skydivers. You’ll be guaranteed to free-fall for over one minute!

For certified scuba divers, hop on a dive boat and explore the nearby reefs and the abundant marine life that inhabits them. Non-divers can still explore this vibrant underwater world on a snorkel cruise. You’ll board a boat and travel to a secluded bay where you’ll be able to snorkel, scuba dive and party aboard the boat. Consider choosing Kona Honu Divers, home of the world-famous nighttime manta ray dive!

Animal lovers will enjoy a moonlit horseback ride along the beach or through one of the plantations in Hawaii. Ask your Hawaii resort’s concierge about the various activities on offer in the area.

Luxury abounds in Hawaii. For a memorable Hawaii vacation, look for the best Hawaii resorts and plan an itinerary full of exciting (and relaxing) activities.

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