The Benefits and Downsides of Insurance in Financial Planning

Insurance is one of those things that can seem so easy to avoid. After all, if nothing bad happens, you are simply throwing money away. And even if something bad does happen, you’ve heard how difficult it can be to make a claim; it hardly seems worth it. For some people, certain types of...
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Understanding Hybrid Cars

Feb 10, 2014
The first Hybrid car was launched in 1997 with the Toyota Prius selling 18,000 cars in Japan the first year. Although hybrids did not receive as warm a welcome in Europe initially, by 2002 the launch of the Honda Civic hybrid opened the doors for different versions of hybrids around the world...
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The Importance of Insuring Your Plumbing and Drains Cover

Oct 03, 2013
Plumbing and drainage problems are some of the most unprecedented reasons for spending in numerous households and businesses today. This system is a very sensitive part of a building and should be under constant watch for the purposes of safety. Whenever a leakage occurs on a gas pipe, for example,...
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What You Need To Know About Tyre Insurance

Aug 07, 2013
Although a lot of individuals do not acknowledge it, tyre insurance policy is vital, and may end up helping you save countless pounds. If you are considered as a vehicle owner then you are aware that buying brand new tyres can be astonishingly costly, particularly if it multiple tyres which need to...
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Saving Yourself From Financial Trouble By Reclaiming a Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance

Jun 24, 2013
Saving Yourself From Financial Trouble By Reclaiming a Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance There is no reason at all that you should be on the verge of something troublesome like going broke when you know there is still some money out there that your bank owes you. It’s all over the news that people all over the country have been running after their lenders because of a mis-sold...
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PPI Claims Information For Consumers

May 21, 2013
After several years of cleverly convincing customers to take-out an insurance policy that covers their monthly repayment in the event of accident, sickness, unemployment, and death, financial institutions in the UK are now faced with a total dilemma from millions of people who are reclaiming the...
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