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Your flight to Israel is the start of an incredible vacation

Your flight to Israel will most likely arrive into Ben Gurion airport, close the exciting city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a great place to start your vacation since it has a wealth of tourist attractions, top quality restaurants, culture and glorious Mediterranean beaches to boot. Unless you have pre-arranged a transfer from the airport or booked a rental car, you will either need to take the train or bus into town. Alternatively you can take a taxi or for a cheaper option a ‘shurut’ which is a shared taxi which will take you to your hotel but will drop off others along the way.

What to see and do on your Israel vacation

Tel Aviv on its own is a great reason to book a flight to Israel and with so much to offer it’s easy to see why it has become a popular place for a city break. If you have booked a longer vacation you will obviously want to visit as many of the country’s sites of interest as you can – and Jerusalem is sure to be top of the list.

The ancient holy city of Jerusalem is just an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv and you must plan to spend at least one whole day here since there’s so much to see. From the Temple Mount and Wailing Western Wall to the moving Holocaust Museum, you will not regret having booked your flight to Israel and will find your time in Jerusalem to be an unforgettable experience. From here you can take the short trip to Bethlehem to see the Church of the Nativity.

Nazareth and the Galilee are other places to devote time to on a trip to Israel. You can take a boat trip on the serene Lake of Galilee, or spend time at churches and places mentioned in the Bible. Safed is an ancient town famous for its charming narrow lanes which are perfect for strolling, as well as for its authentic restaurants and artists’ studios.

The Dead Sea is renowned for its highly salty waters which provide an irresistible form of entertainment for tourists since it’s impossible to sink – in fact you can happily read a book while floating upon its waters. While here you could also visit one of the many Dead Sea spas for a therapeutic mud treatment. Once revitalized you could move on to Mt Masada, home to the remains of an impressive ancient fortress.

Book a flight to Israel and enjoy a totally different experience

Israel is home to the he Negev Desert, a part of Israel that’s become an eco-travelers paradise – here you can sleep under the stars in a Bedouin tent or take a jeep tour to see the incredible variety ofnatural flora and fauna living here. The Ramon Crater is located here too, one of the wonders of the world, and well worth a visit.

Eilat is located in the south of Israel on the Red Sea. Not only does it have a stunning Coral Reef, which attracts new and experienced divers, it has beautiful white sandy beaches and year round sunshine.Eilat is the perfect place to bring the family, since there’s an underwater observatory, Dolphinariumand Theme Park located close by and you can also tour the local area and visit nature reserves.

There’s so much to take in during a holiday to Israel – and there’s always so much left to do that your flight to Israel is sure to be the first of many.

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Key Holiday Destinations in Greece

May 20, 2014
Key Holiday Destinations in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, thanks to a huge range of attractions. As well as the classic combination of sand, sea and sun, the country offers a wealth of ancient historical sites, a fascinating culture, beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine.


However, there are a number of different, distinct destinations in Greece that act as tourist draws, and where exactly to go can depend on what you most want to get out of the holiday. Some of the key holiday destinations in Greece are:


Crete is one of the best-known and most popular destination for luxury Greek holidays, attracting a quarter of the country’s tourists. It is the largest of the Greek islands, and in many ways is like a small country in its own right. Holidaymakers are attracted to Crete chiefly for two reasons. The first of these is the landscape, which includes miles of spectacular beaches, impressive mountains, and the only palm tree forest-lined beach in Europe. Secondly, visitors come for the historical sites, from the mythological birthplace of Zeus to the Minoan palace of Knossos and a number of monasteries and mosques.


Another well-known tourist spot, Corfu was described by the ancient poet Homer as a “beautiful and rich land.” In ancient times, Corfu was one of Europe’s premier centres of culture and learning. Today, charming countryside with beautiful olive groves stretches across the inland areas. The coastline, meanwhile, benefits from some of the most impressive beaches in all Greece. Thanks to Corfu’s particularly strong reputation among tourists, the Northern portion has been heavily developed, leading some to prefer the quieter coasts in other parts of the islands.


Like Crete, Rhodes attracts tourists partly for its natural beauty. But while it shares the larger island’s reputation for those all-important beaches, the interior landscape is very different, dominated by beautiful woody valleys. The clear, warm waters surrounding the shore are particularly popular with divers, and the town that shares the island’s name is charmingly traditional. At the same time, the island boasts a thriving nightlife scene.


The peninsular of Halkidiki is one of the most varied destinations in Greece, perhaps even more so than Crete. Along the coast, there are plenty of Greece’s trademark spectacular beaches, dotted with charming coastal towns and secluded coves. Inland, there are incredible landscapes such as pine forests. In Kassandra, tourists will find some of the finest nightlife in the country, while Mt. Athos is home to a famous thousand-year-old monastery. Some of the best resorts to experience Halkidiki are the Sani Resort and the Oceania Club.


The capital of Greece has been undergoing steady rejuvenation ever since hosting the Olympics ten years ago. A great destination for a city break, it is particularly popular among history lovers thanks to the presence of sights such as the spectacular ancient Parthenon. However, Athens is also a thoroughly modern city. It is home to all you would expect from a major capital, including a buzzing nightlife scene and a range of fantastic dining options.

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Istanbul’s Archealogical Museum – Makes Turkey Tour Worthy

May 15, 2014
Istanbul's Archealogical Museum - Makes Turkey Tour Worthy

Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum is a cluster of museums covering several historical periods. It is usually rich with exhibits that stretch across time and civilization. The exhibits are displayed wonderfully thus allowing you to spend time to examine and appreciate them. It is a beautiful, belligerent and a beguiling museum that wins the hearts and minds of many travelers. There is much to love about Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum. Each area and room has a treasure in store. It offers great deals to everyone. There is an amazing collection of sarcophagi that will leave you in wonders if you have not seen it before. Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum actually contains all the civilization predating modern Turkey. The place is huge and there are several buildings to look at. Do not miss it and so go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve a tour that you cannot live without!

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Services provided are the best and affordable

At Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum, there is an exceptional staff of professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to explain to you all the required information about the exhibits available. Perfectionists in the attitude to quality, friendly and attentive customer service is the goal of every staff. Highest standards are maintained so as to meet the customer’s needs, living up to the promise of offering the best services that that customers will always rave about. Every customer is handled with a personal touch from the start to the finish of the tour, being given the best and same attention and care to detail. Services provided will leave you contented and impressed. The commitment enhanced is unprecedented. The best price guarantee and quality assurance on all services is offered. Great discounts, special offers for everyone and no cost consultation is enhanced. Customers are given quality and good attention. Are you looking for reliable services that will make your Turkey tour worthy? Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum is the best and perfect Museum for all customers.

It is comfortable and adventurous

Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum is an ideal comfort zone. It provides both comfort and style to travelers. The place is environmental friendly and modernized environmental control is enhanced. There are perfect places to take a rest that have lots of fresh air and are usually cool thus making it an ideal comfort zone. Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum is an ideal place to pamper your travel and making your Turkey Tour of great importance. A trip to this place is said to be one of the most exciting experience for a traveler since it is adventurous, attractive and offers a wonderful feeling to everyone. There is availability of reliable hotel rooms, lodges, private home accommodation, car rentals and equipment rentals which is a complete package to make you’re planning and travel as efficient, promising and full of an adventurous experience. The package is customized to meet your unique traveling needs and budget. Such a great opportunity for traveling Istanbul’s Archaeological Museum, why not seize it right now? It is time for everyone to start planning so as to make your Turkey Tour worthy using online turkish visa since they are cheap, genuine and readily available for all.

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Long Term Travel in Australia

Australia is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. This island nation features sun drenched beaches, tropical rainforests, vast deserts and cosmopolitan cities. Australia is also the sixth largest country in the world and the largest without any land borders. That means that there is a huge amount to explore and do during your time in the land down under.

While Australia is a great country it is also about as far away from the UK or Europe as is possible. It can take anywhere between 22 and 24 hours to fly from London to Australia. If you need to stop over then your travel time can be even longer. This means that unlike a quick trip to the Greek Islands or a weekend in Paris, when traveling to Australia many people choose to stay for a longer period of time.

Arranging Longer DIY Visas For Staying Australia

Travelers wishing to stay in Australia for a period of 1 to 2 years usually opt for one of the DIY visas that are available. One option if you are planning on seeking employment while you are in Australia is a working holiday visa. These are available for people who are aged between 18 and 30 years old and want to work for up to twelve months in Australia. There are both first and second working holiday visas. In order to qualify for a working holiday visa you need to hold a passport from one of the countries in the working holiday program. The UK and many European countries qualify for this program.

Undertaking Work In A Regional Area

Another way to extend your stay in Australia is to work in one of the designated regional areas. If you take up a position in one of these regional areas and you are under 31 then you an apply for a second working visa. This can give you up to a twenty seven month stay in Australia. One of the most popular kinds of these jobs is fruit picking and harvesting. But these jobs also include mining, tree farming and felling, fishing and pearling and plant cultivation. You can find a full list of the industries and regional areas where you can work on the Australia department of immigration website.

Applying For Your Visa

You can find migration visas kits and all of the information that you need to apply on the Australian Government Department Of Immigration And Border Protection website or this website. In some cases to complete the migration visas kits you will need proof of income and employment as well as indicating where you to intend to work. The process of applying for your working holiday visa can be begun on the website. Documentation and identification checks may require you to visit the Australian embassy in person.

With outstanding weather and a fantastic range of places to visit Australia is a great country for an extended stay. Take advantage of all that Australia has to offer with the longer term one to two year visa opportunities.

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Relax and Enjoy Australia with Flights on Private Jets

Several business people and tourists use an aircraft charter when they are travelling in Australia. This allows them to spend more time on recreation or on planning for meetings. They arrive at their destination ready to meet what’s ahead, instead of feeling stressed by the many inconveniences that accompany commercial flights.

The routes of private jets allow you to get from Sydney to international destinations such as London or from one airport to another within Australia. Highly qualified pilots can also land on remote airstrips that get you closer to your destination. You can travel directly to the locations that you choose, instead of having to endure multiple changes and layovers. You will never be hampered by the schedule of a commercial flight and may leave at the time that is best for you.

Men and women who use commercial airlines to travel in Australia risk the following:

Long layovers

Lost luggage

Long lines at security points

Missed connecting flights

Cramped seats

People who want to visit Australia’s many attractions must usually drive from commercial airports to their destination. This can add up to several hours of lost time spent in areas that may not have been on your itinerary. On the other hand, businesspeople and tourists who charter private jets can enjoy comfortable seating that is tastefully covered in attractive fabric. They may carry as much luggage as they need, instead of cutting back just to suit an airline’s baggage policies. They also receive gourmet snacks that suit their dietary preferences.

A Private Jet Charter Gives You Value for Money

The cost of renting a private jet is worth the relaxation and convenience that you get in return. In fact, in some cases the cost of chartering a private jet may not be much more than that of a first class ticket on a commercial airline. If you plan to travel to several different places in Australia, a private charter may even be more economical for you. Get to conferences in major cities or relax at little-known resorts in any of the following locations:





Kingfisher Bay

Bloomfield Lodge, Tropical North Queensland

Berkeley River, Kingfisher Coast

Bamurru Plains

Reserving a Private Jet

Booking a private jet for travel in Australia is easy and most passengers make their reservations through online systems. You can get a quote for an aircraft charter by filling out a form online or calling to speak to a company representative. Information on the number of passengers, your destination and departure point and whether you are taking a one way trip is usually required.

Usually, having more passengers on your trip results in higher fees because the plane will burn additional fuel. You should aim to charter a jet at least twelve hours in advance if you have personalised requests for catering and other needs. Passengers on a private jet charter may usually fly 24 hours a day at any time of the week.

Experience Great Customer Service and Safety with an Aircraft Charter

Pilots on private jets have accumulated thousands of hours of air time and all equipment is maintained to the standards which are set by the Civil Aviation Authority. Personnel on a private jet charter are accustomed to meeting the needs of dignitaries, government officials, celebrities and people on company trips so you know that you will experience the highest levels of service.

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Why You Should Consider a Guided Coach Tour for Your Next Holiday

There once was a time when the very thought of going on a coach tour holiday was greeted with much derision. The rather unfair image that the coach tour industry once had did not help matters. Coaches populated by the elderly, whizzing through places of interest without any pretence of stopping, before finally coming to rest at a designated motorway service station for at least five minutes; these are the scenes which often spring to mind when thinking of such holidays. However, this image could not be further from the truth. As reported recently in The Telegraph the coach tour holiday is happily going through a renaissance with over seven million people embarking on one each year.

More Time to Relax

One of the main reasons often given by someone for not considering a coach holiday is the rather frenetic pace at which things occur, with only the bare minimum of time given to peruse each location. This is most definitely a misconception, as most tour companies now carefully plan itineraries to allow for the maximum time possible in which to enjoy each designated stop on the way and try to give holidaymakers as much free time as schedules allow.

Flexibility is now the key word for coach tour operators, with many offering holidays that keep the ‘guided tour’ part of the trips to a discreet level. This ensures holidaymakers can enjoy as much time as they want exploring destinations on their own. Although some may say you could do this by driving yourself anyway, they are rather missing the main point when it comes to coach holidays – convenience.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Stress-free travel is one of the biggest advantages that coach tours have over other types of holiday. Sit and think about it for a moment. Travelling by air means negotiating all the rules and regulations of the airport, rail travel is often uncertain due to late-running trains, while driving yourself can often lead to getting lost or wasting half of your day in a destination just trying to find that elusive parking space.
The other advantage to coach travel of course is the vast array of pick-up points. The majority of companies, such as offer a variety of locations from which you can embark the coach, adding to the overall feeling of convenience and stress-free travel.

Uninterrupted Scenery

How many times have you embarked on a self-drive holiday only to find, as the driver, you have hardly taken in any of the amazing scenery around you? Concentrating on the road is, of course, the priority, meaning that much of the scenic vista will pass you by unnoticed. Compare that with sitting comfortably on a coach, gazing out the huge window beside you at the natural beauty beyond, as someone else concentrates on the driving duties. Coach tours are a sure-fire winner when it comes to admiring the landscape around you.

The next time you are weighing up your holiday options, take a look at the range of guided coach tour holidays available. The coach holiday world is not, as some people believe, the realm of just the elderly. Coach tours are for all ages and boast benefits that other types of travel simply cannot compete with.

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Planning a vacation by oneself is not an easy task as one is to focus on various requirements separately like flight tickets, accommodation, food, travel duration, right time for a destination to be visited, etc.  Selecting a travel planner or an online travel agency can help one in planning a memorable and hassle free vacation.  A lot of travel planners and packages are available today, but it is very important to make a fair comparison and get the best available that suits all the needs of the customers. is one such tour planner that offers its customer a variety of packages at very low prices.

Some of the factors that play a significant role in making memorable vacation packages are listed as.

Security and safety

One of the major concerns is the security and safety of tourists visiting the place first time. For this, travel planners should make sure that clients may not feel any security or safety related issues in hotels or with other facilities coming under the packages.

Travel duration

The longer the trips, the more it costs.  Taking this into consideration, the agencies help the clients in planning memorable vacation packages as per the travel duration. The tour can be about 3-4 days or a complete week; the planners plan the package with various facilities to serve the clients properly.

Destinations and attractions

Various places are popular for diverse destinations and exclusive attractions. The responsibility of the planners is to design or customize the package by including all such destinations and attractions in the package to be enjoyed by visitors.

Family friendly Accommodation

Accommodation is a major concern of cheap vacation packages. Depending on the choices and requirements of people, the planner focuses on including quality family friendly hotels in the packages. Hotels should have impressive features including impressive interior based rooms, facilities like internet connections, enjoyment options, massage & spa facility, gyms, 24 hour customer service, etc.

Time of Travel

Time is a factor that should be considered to get maximum benefits of memorable vacation packages. Every place has specific on-peak and off-peak season. Taking this into account, one should book the package with agencies as per the season. Prices rise on-peak season and decreases during off-season as the date comes closer.

Destinations, attractions, time, duration and accommodation are some of the essential components that can affect the entire budget of the vacation package. Exciting and cheap travel packages are available at Last minute travel deals and special offers can be found here.

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The Best Places to Eat in Cape Town, South Africa

 Whilst Cape Town remains a haven for visitors of all ages with its wide, beautiful vistas and stunning coastlines and beaches, the town can also be called a food lovers’ paradise. With plenty of restaurants and dining establishments to choose from, Cape Town definitely does not disappoint. The trick is to know where to go, and what to sample when you’re there.

So if you are visiting Cape Town for the first time, here’s a list of the top places to eat in the area:

Rust en Vrede

If you are looking to visit even just one top restaurant in Cape Town, Rust en Vrede is a must-try. This restaurant is located within a wine estate and features a cellar which has been labeled a National Monument, along with an open kitchen which gives the restaurant a relaxed and interesting ambience. Rust en Vrede is worth visiting, especially if you would like to try locally grown, fresh ingredients which are transformed into masterpiece dishes such as apple caviar. The restaurant also features four- and six-course menus which are paired with an array of wines specially created by the estate.  

The Savoy Cabbage

Within the city itself, you can find The Savoy Cabbage along Hout Street, which specialises in contemporary cooking and makes use of only the freshest organic produce and ingredients imaginable. If you are looking for a creative, modern, yet fun menu, The Savoy Cabbage is the place for you. Its décor is interesting as well, as it is composed of old brick and stone which dates back to the 1800s. The restaurant’s menu changes every day depending on the ingredients available and everything is house-made – including the bread, ice-creams, and even the special charcuterie and smoked salmon. The restaurant is also proud of its substantial portions, which would certainly delight those with hefty yet discriminating appetites.

The Roundhouse

Found in Camps Bay and overlooking the beach itself, The Roundhouse is a popular eatery both with locals and tourists alike. If you would like to dine on contemporary food with an African and Asian twist and with fabulous views, The Roundhouse is a good choice. The restaurant has an open terrace where sun lovers can enjoy the delicious entrees while enjoying the view of Camps Bay. Evening diners can also take advantage of the restaurant’s tasting menu featuring desserts and complimentary wine.


Another restaurant which is popular with seafood lovers is Beluga, on Greenpoint. The restaurant has already established itself as one of the most loved dining places in Cape Town, and has branched out from a fine dining restaurant into a more versatile eatery featuring specialties such as sushi and dim sum. Beluga is also popular with the happy hour crowd, as it serves some delicious light appetizers along with great cocktails to wash it all down. The prices of the restaurant are quite affordable, and it has an energetic, vibrant ambience that’s hard to beat.

For anyone with adventurous yet selective taste buds, Cape Town is a place which has a lot to offer. But if you would like to enhance your holiday experience even further with the best Cape Town hotel accommodation, you need not worry. There is plenty of Cape Town hotel accommodation to choose from, especially if you make it a point to visit local travel specialist sites like Tsogo Sun.

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Five Exotic Cruise Destinations

May 08, 2014
Five Exotic Cruise Destinations

Spring is such a brilliant time of the year to escape the house and appreciate a great vacation. The weather is usually mellow and pleasant which means that there is space for a lot of open air activity – climbing, boating, sailing, biking, and considerably water sports. The spring months fall directly after the tumultuous holiday season and right before the hot summer months when the children gear up to take their middle of the year breaks. Spring falls right in the center, it is an ideal time of year to think about a cruise getaway. Indonesia Important Tourism Spots and Places to visit

While most individuals want to take a cruise to a tropical destination throughout the frosty, harsh winter months, costs can really get you. The same tries for the mid-year months, when the children are off from school and families attempt to do the annual summer family toss. The spring allows for you to defeat both planets: gentle weather and mellow costs for many top cruise destinations. Be that as it may how would you know which destinations are the best for the spring months? This aide ought to help you set your sails in the right course.
Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is a beautiful and unimaginable place to be, any time of the year. In any case in the spring, its untainted beaches, warm waters, and swaying palm trees are almost as beautiful as they are in the winter months however at half the cost. Search for a cruise itinerary that takes you island bouncing all around the locale. This will allow you to soak up the sun and encounter as many islands as conceivable on your outing. Popular destinations incorporate St. Lucia, Margarita, Barbados, and Jamaica.

Transatlantic Destinations 

Who says that in the spring you have to stay on one side of the ocean? Regarding the matter of taking a cruise, it is truly about the trip as well as the destination. A transatlantic cruise will allow you to encounter an excursion out to sea and some extremely energizing destinations once you reach them! Imagine getting a charge out of superb spring weather with no indication of land coming soon, watching the sun set over the majestic Atlantic Ocean? Clearly the itinerary will rely on upon the cruise line, yet you’ll have a chance to see locations, for example, Morocco, Bermuda, Brazil, Florida, the Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom all at once.

Hawaiian Destinations

In the event that you have never wanted to go to Hawaii, stop reading now! Genuinely however, who hasn’t wanted to go to Hawaii eventually in their lives? The tropical state invites visitors with its remarkable natural beauty, active yet tender volcanoes, and colorful flora with a few eminent mountains in the backdrop. Hawaii, in the spring, is a haven of relaxation, waterfalls, lavish rainforests, and exhilaration. The weather is immaculate throughout the spring months to delight in Hawaii in all of its wonderfulness.

Dutch Tulip Cruises 

Many individuals will answer, “Tulip” when asked to think of a bloom they associate with the spring season. There is no place on earth a greater number of famous for its tulips than the Netherlands. On the off chance that you want to escape the cabin fever that set in throughout the icy winter months, a brilliant, energizing spring cruise to the Dutch tulip nation may be simply what you require. Holland in the spring is a standout amongst the most beautiful places on the planet. A Dutch tulip waterway cruise will bring you through gigantic displays of tulips and different lovely spring globule blossoms which are basically breathtaking.

As long as you do a little research before setting sail on a spring cruise, you ought to have the time of your life at a fraction of the expense. In today’s waxing and waning economy it makes complete sense to bargain chase for vacations almost as you might other major purchases, for example, a home, machine, or car. A spring cruise is most likely a bargain however with high rewards. Frequently, the cruises take you to great destinations however without all the swarms of tourists.

On the off chance that you are acknowledging taking a cruise throughout the spring months, talk to your travel agent. He or she will have the capacity to tailor a cruise itinerary that works best for you, your family, and you’re funding. Go to your travel agent with a little research behind you and with a rundown of inquiries of which popular spring cruise destinations are the most affordable and when, and what activities might be made available to you. Happy cruising! Happy Spring.

Are you thinking of travelling on your vacation together with your family and you are worried of what to do because you are traveling with your children? Holiday nannies are here to help all you need to do is to go online and select the best agency that meets your needs and hire the nannies.

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