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Hawaii: Family Vacationing At Its Best

Apr 24, 2014
Hawaii: Family Vacationing At Its Best

There is a world of reasons out there why Hawaii makes for one of the leading family destinations across the globe. Its splendid beaches, warm locals, enriching cultural and educational milieu as well as a range of fun-filled destinations- everything counts for what Hawaii is today- an unassailably popular tourist destination across the globe that is not going to lose its surge of tourists anytime soon.

Before you pack your bags and head off for this absolute gem, let’s discover what is has in store for you. Make sure that you’re booking your flights and accommodation way in advance and availing services of cheap luggage courier service providers like SendMyBag.comin order to save up substantially. Frugal traveling is always advisable. But it’s all the more important when you’re traveling to Hawaii. There’s a lot to do and check out here. Therefore, keep a good amount of money set aside solely for this purpose. Here is a rundown on some of the best attractions of Hawaii.Family Vacationing

A Few of the Leading Islands in Hawaii

Kauai: Kauai is stuff that “imaginations” are made of. Yes. Living up to your idea of a quintessential laid-back holiday destination, Kauai presents a wealth of Natural wonders. Lush greenery, innumerable hiking trails, tranquil waters, kid-friendly playgrounds and beaches, cozy inns and a decent number of condos to rent- a world of wonder waits to be explored here.

Oahu: Home to some of the best Asian fusion food, Oahu, just like the other Hawaiian Islands is a place where splendorous Natural beauty abounds. This pulsating metropolis of Honolulu is full of decent hiking trails, gorgeous beaches and superb waterfalls. There’s some outstanding cuisine being served by the Kailua and the Haleiwa communities. The house rentals are quite affordable and you get to enjoy a decent nightlife here as well.

Lanai: To start off with, Lanai is not really meant for budget travelers. But that shouldn’t dampen your spirits in any way. It has already been mentioned that you need to dig real deep in order to save up for a Hawaiian trip. So do that and then plan a trip to this tranquil stopover with dusty back roads, careless conifers and cool air. If you’re really in a position to splurge you should head for the Four Seasons Resorts here.

A Few of the Famous Hotels

Hawaii is home to a large number of world-class resorts that take your family-vacationing experience several notches higher. Here is line-up:

Aulani, Oahu: A Disney Resort and a sprawling property, Aulani has excellent staff services, delicious food and a fun-filled pool area in the offing. Designed primarily keeping kids in view, the pool area has two waterslides, laid-back river, a coved-in lagoon and a string of classic movie characters gracing the ground.

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa: Serving as the perfect blend of mall, zoo, water park and food court, this one promises that there is never a dull moment for your kids. With an amazing pool complex, this one has cranes, flamingoes, penguins and parrots to please you with their subtle antics.

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki: This one makes for the largest resort in Hawaii. The Camp Penguin, zoo and calm waters keep your kids entertained.


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5 Facts You Don’t Know About Toronto!

Dream to try something unique during your vacation?

Set off to Toronto and get everything you want!

Toronto…a beautiful and modern megapolis, the city of glittering skyscrapers and picturesque old buildings, wonderful parks and sports stadiums, great museums and concert halls!

In short, Toronto is as charming and diverse city as New York, but it’s much cleaner, safer and friendlier!

As you see, today it’s not only the largest city in Canada, but also is one of the major industrial, business and cultural centers in the world and can offer everything for the best vacation in your life!

So, don’t miss it! Just grab your credit card, a rental car (GPS option required!), and get ready to explore several interesting facts about Toronto!

1. CN Tower is the highest building in North America!

Location: 301 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada
GPS Position (parking): 43.644103, -79.38919

Length of visit: 1-2 hoursrentalcars24h_5_Facts_You_Did_not_Know_About_Toronto1

CN Tower is the architectural symbol of Toronto and the highest TV-tower in the world! From the height of 553 meters it offers a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings. And when the weather is fine you can even see Niagara Falls and the U.S. city of Buffalo, located more than 120 kilometers from Toronto! The most daring visitors can go to the observation deck made of transparent bottom and re-experience the concept of the height!
Admission: adults $28, children $21
Hours: daily 9am-11pm

2. Yonge Street is the longest street in the world!

Location: Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada
GPS Position: 43.64297, -79.3753
Length of visit: 1-2 hoursrentalcars24h_5_Facts_You_Did_not_Know_About_Toronto2

Yonge Street is the main street of Toronto and it’s included to the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest street! It passes through the city from for a 18 kilometers. There are a plenty of cozy shops and lovely restaurants on this busy street. By the way, it’s a favorite place to drive along both for tourists and locals!
Admission: free

3. Toronto is the simplest way to visit Niagara Falls!

Location: Niagara Falls, ON L2G, Canada
GPS Position (parking): 43.078163, -79.080513
Length of visit: 3-4 hoursrentalcars24h_5_Facts_You_Did_not_Know_About_Toronto3

Located 130km from Toronto, Niagara Falls is such a place which you shouldn’t miss! It’s probably the most fantastic outdoor attraction in the North America! It’s really amazing and breathtaking show when you see how 750,000 gallons of water falling from the height of 53 meters! And don’t forget a camera to make several unforgettable shots!
Admission: free

4. Toronto is a great place for Chinese food!

Location: 359 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G3, Canada
GPS Position (parking): 43.655482, -79.398886
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

As you know, Toronto is the second home for different cultures and it has a plenty of food for any taste! So, the city has an enormous Chinese population, and it actually offers the best food in North America! Don’t miss an opportunity to try its tasty seafood and perfectly steamed vegetables. It’s just fantastic! It may be difficult to find a better place to dine than New Sky restaurant which is located in China Town district!
Prices: $8-25
Hours: 9am-10pm

5. Toronto has a wonderful beach!

Location: 1681 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6, Canada
GPS Position (parking): 43.663168, -79.30904
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

As you know, Toronto is not known for its beaches, but in the south-east of the city you’ll find a surprise! Woodbine Beach is a stunning long beach with snow-white sand which has everything for a great relaxation: soak up under the gentle sun, swim in Lake Ontario, play volleyball and enjoy your trip!
Admission: free
Hours: recommended 11am-4pm

How to move around Toronto?

If you don’t like to waste your time and money, be sure to get a rental car directly at Toronto Airport. A rental car gives you a freedom of movement, and you can drive anywhere you want at any time! Take care of your nerves!

Forget about boring taxi drivers and slow public transport. Just follow and choose the car of your dreams!

Wish you the best weekend in Toronto!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer and she likes to share with interesting recommendations of visiting different places through her publications. She is currently working as a freelance writer with RentalCars24H, who provides the best car rental deal all over the world.

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Rent a Car in Israel

Before jetting off on a trip to this spectacular country, you’re highly recommended to consider whether to rent a car in Israel. There are other efficient ways to get around the country, but none offer you the flexibility and convenience of being in control of your own transport. Israel is a small country packed with fascinating attractions and the roads are generally good, so it’s perfect to get around by car. And, unlike joining a pre-arranged tour, having your own hire car gives you the option to plan your own itinerary and act spontaneously – if you feel like stopping off at a lesser known village or taking in a beautiful view, you can. And it allows you to take in one of the most scenic road trips you’ll ever experience at your own pace and in any order you wish.

Opt for a well- established car hire company

If you do decide to rent a car in Israel make sure you do your homework and select a hire company with a good track record. Choose one which has a large network of service centers across the country for peace of mind should you encounter any problems. A good car hire firm will also have a wide range of options when it comes to the type of car to fit your requirements. Book before you leave and you can ensure you get a car to suit conveniently waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before setting off – if it’s not in perfect condition point out the imperfections before signing off to save trouble later.

Places to see on a road trip

From May to October, Tel Aviv is the perfect place to get over your jet lag at the city’s sandy shores and sparkling blue sea. While here you should check out the White City and Old Jaffa, as well as sample Tel Aviv’s famous nightlife. If you’ve decided to rent a car in Israel it’s just a short drive to Haifa and a visit to the Carmel Mountains for breathtaking vistas.

Without a doubt, Jerusalem will be top of the list when it comes to places to visit. If you have a very limited time plan to spend a good deal of it here. Get up early to visit Temple Mount, with the magnificent Dome of the Rock and drive the Mount of Olives for a stunning panorama of the Old and New Cities. There are the city’s colorful markets to explore, and great shopping and culture on offer in West Jerusalem.

With distances so small between places of interest you can also pack in a trip to the Negev desert, Eilat’s Red Sea coast as well as experience the Galilee. You will need at least two weeks to take in all the main highlights – and you definitely need to rent a car in Israel to do it in this amount of time.

Pro tip – hire a car fitted with a GPS which has directions in English.

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