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Looking for a Holiday with a Difference? Look at booking a Kerala Resort!

download (7)Are you looking for somewhere new to go on holiday? Tired of the same old scenes? Kerala, a state in the South West of India, is an exciting location for anyone looking for an unforgettable holiday! Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts has a resort on the private island of Nediyathuruthu, and is one of the most luxurious locations in the world. Featuring a tropical paradise, this resort is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get away and escape to a beautiful beach side holiday.

Guests travel to the resort by water, making their first entrance into the resort on a boat, causing a dramatic and breathtaking first view. This exclusive one island, one resort concept is perfect for those who want extreme privacy and intimacy. It features an all-day restaurant and a houseboat for customers to tour the waters. It also has a yoga pavilion, resort pool, kids club, library and games room, meeting facilities, and activity island; these amenities have something for everyone who visits!

Accommodations include a Deluxe Pool Villa, Grand Pool Villa, Double Pool Villa, and the Presidential Villa, ranging in price. These intimate rooms make for a wonderfully romantic experience that will never be forgotten.

This elegant resort also has a world class spa for those looking for the ultimate relaxation experience. Banyan Tree Spas are well known for their great hospitality and high quality service.

At Banyan Tree Kerala, you’ll never run out of things to do; the beautiful scenery makes for great boat tours and nature walks, the many activities offered at the resort are a great source of entertainment for everyone.

Kerala has a tropical climate, and is one of the wettest areas on Earth, but makes for beautiful landscapes and scenery. It also experiences mild winds throughout the year, and generally doesn’t get much higher than 34 degrees Celsius at its hottest time of year.

Be sure to travel around Kerala to check out the unique and diverse culture that is seen there, featuring one of a kind foods, dances, and temples. The Backwaters of Kerala are a major attraction to the area, with Banyan Tree offering boat rides to guests—don’t miss out on this very exciting and one of a kind opportunity!

For a holiday that is unforgettable, make sure to look into a Kerala resort—you won’t be disappointed!

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Best Biking Trails In North America

Biking has been a very crucial means of transport in North America. This is because bicycles are cheap and very easy to maintain. They also help beat traffic in North America. Many advantages come along with biking like minimal air and land pollution. The use of bicycles has evolved from just a means of transport to a recreational sport and North America has some of the best biking trails. The most common and friendly biking trails include:

This trail is found in California and is a fantastic place for biking. It’s hilly but also contains plain grounds for cyclers who want to test their speed. The Mammoth trail is approximately 420 kilometres. During the day, traffic is moderate hence cyclers can move about with ease. The easiest route around Mammoth is a ride from around Horseshoe Park to downtown Lake Mary road.

The Fisher Creek Loop is found along the Ketchum Hailey Sum Valley which covers around 500km of single track, offering some of the smoothest riding experiences in North America. Fisher Creek Loop is the people’s favourite as it offers good cross country racing events. It’s actually named after a biking veteran by the name of William Creek. Fisher Creek Loop also offers very beautiful scenery.

This trail is frequented by many as it passes through two states, Nevada and California. It also passes through six counties, six forests, one state park, and has around three wilderness areas. This area circles along the largest lake of alpine in North America. Of these, about 80 miles are open for riders all over the world including green card lottery holders. There is so much to see along the Rim trail, including local bike shops that offer excellent services like bicycle repair and maintenance, food and beverages to bikers. These local shops also offer accommodation to tired and stranded bikers.

This is an intersection of several tracks offering hundreds of racing tracks for bikers. Another good thing about Phil’s trail is that it’s only a few miles from downtown bend. It is not very steep and the few hills around can be cycled with ease. This makes Phil’s trail to be favoured by both locals and green card lottery holders. It’s also good for the young and less energetic. Phil’s trail is very ideal for beginners as the racing track is vast and beginners can start with simple routes progressing to difficult routes.

This is considered by many as one of Colorado’s top rides. Many professional riders prefer this route as it offers them a chance to ride at very high speeds. Locals are friendly as they regard biking highly. There are many bike shops and repair shops. Hermosa creek has beautiful mountains and forests of pines and aspen. It also has some streams flowing along, adding more scenic beauty to the trail.

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