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Things to do in Thailand

thailand boat

Thailand is one of the biggest must see countries; ranking this year for its outstanding beauty, culture and the numerous amounts of things that is available to see and do. Here are a few things that may take your interest when visiting Thailand!

Golfing in Thailand:

For those of you enjoy a good wander around a golf course – that little bit of exercise, but in a relaxed atmosphere playing a game in the beautiful sunshine! There are a wide range of golf courses available throughout Thailand that may take your fancy. Golfing may be stereotypically seen for those who are retired, or for your dad who fills his weekend around a golf course. This is not true! Golf can be made a fun activity for the lovely couple, the family outing or for a girls or boys holiday. Golf Asian provides a wide range of courses and vacation spots which may become be the main reason for your visit or just a fun activity during one of your days in the beautiful country.

thailand cliffs

Spa and Wellness in Thailand:

Thailand is famous for its Thai ways of relaxation. For both the men and the ladies, it would be awful pity to miss out on such a huge part of the Thai spa and wellness treatments and services. There is a wide range of holidays to choose from in this sector from yoga holidays, detox holidays and general massage treatment and wellness holidays. If it’s not a full holiday you want relaxing and being pampered you could always book yourself in for a day or two, getting pampered before a night out in the evening. These holidays are great for hen/stag parties or if it’s your big birthday party you want to remember what better way to do it that to relax at a spa in Thailand.

Fishing in Thailand:

Thailand is well known for its exoticism in the colourful country and one of the best ways to experience this is to go fishing! Thailand is home to some of the biggest catfishes you can find in the world, amongst them the chao praya catfish and the retail catfish that you could be the one catching in the rivers! Guides are essential to go fishing in Thailand especially if it is your first time, and they can provide bait and the lines to get you started. This can be a fun activity for kids and adults, as it is something different but offers a real feel of the culture in Thailand. For those who like a little competition, see who can catch the biggest fish!

thailand market

Floating Markets in Thailand:

If it’s culture you are looking for in Thailand then the floating markets are a MUST see. It is pretty much what it says on the tin. The boats are along the rivers and are stacked high with goodies from Thailand. All fruit and vegetables are usually seasonal giving you the traditional taste of Thailand, but also other items like keepsakes are available for you to take home. Perch yourself on the side of the steps and the boat will come to you, which for anyone living in the UK will certainly be an experience in itself! The floating markets are a running tradition in Thailand and it is not predominately for tourists, but for the Thai people themselves giving you a chance to meet the locals, and see the local way of life.


Hopefully, if you are the baffled traveller or holiday maker, and can’t think of things to do, these little tips might help! If you need more information on Thailand itself, and the events that take place check out for full listings and information. Enjoy Thailand!

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Attractive Places For Kids In Turkey

Apr 05, 2013
Attractive Places For Kids In Turkey

Attractive Places For Kids In TurkeyIstanbul is the largest city from Turkey. This city is adapted to children on amusement parks or gambling sites in which the smallest of the house can enjoy, but most of our dwarf exotic agitations appreciate the strangeness of the capital of Turkey. Today we have to travel to Istanbul with children.

The center is generally very congested traffic is erratic at best to be careful when crossing the street. To visit the sites of which I speak today on the blog is much better to take a taxi; we offer a list of our four favorite places for the whole family if you decide to travel to Istanbul with children.

Zoo Istanbul
Although Istanbul Zoo does not offer a great variety of animals still a good opportunity to hike with your son. The park is quite spectacular, built in the architectural style of Turkey, with its banks carved and decorated numerous sources. Birds are the main attraction of this park zoo with parrots cockatoos and splendid colors and other raptors and waterfowl.

The museum of toys
A real point of interest with your children is this museum, a beautiful wooden building that resembles the famous houses fairy tales. It was build 2005 by Sunay Akin has. However, interestingly, Akin bought a toy store that was rebuilt by the museum then. It’s best to visit the toy museum during the trip; you can find the magic and puppets that make three in the afternoon.

Photography: saragoldsmith
The track is located in the Galleria Mall in Atakoy and is a popular place for young people, close their doors at 22 am, which makes it the perfect place to end a day of sightseeing with family. This Entertainment Park offers other original activities for children. There is also a conference center at the international convention center located next to a large park and a supermarket. This is a great place to visit with your child!

If you wish, go to the miniature replica of Turkey, called “Miniaturk”. It is a replica of the whole land. In the afternoon, you can go around Turkey in the original location. To take just a few examples of monuments can fly over places like Hagia Sophia and Ataturk Airport, perfectly reproduced, but the children’s favorite attraction is the little train.

Savor the wonderful city of Istanbul, a great showcase of the best and most modern in Turkey that can be discovered in just three days. Visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, or take a boat trip along the Bosphorus with ferry are almost mandatory activities. Here, every British man needs UK passport including kids.

Shopping at a Turkish market either in search of spices, handicrafts, jewelry, or clothing, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the most famous but in any city in Turkey can enjoy haggling and getting a bargain.

Contemplate the wonderful scenery of the Cappadocia. The views will leave you amazed and their underground cities are worth seeing. Uchisar Castle, the valleys of Goreme, Ihlara or Selime Monastery are some of its highlights.

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