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Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

Oct 24, 2012
Getting Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental tourism, the act of travelling abroad for dental treatment, has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The main reason for the boom in dental tourism is cost; travelling overseas can save patients from the UK up to 70 per cent and many people choose to combine having treatment with taking a break.

Why would I go abroad?

The most common reason for going abroad for treatment is to save money; in the UK, prices are considerably higher than other European countries, especially those in the East and patients who could not afford to have treatments, such as dental implants, veneers or 6 Month Smile braces, in the UK, can afford to have them if they go abroad. More info on the six month smiles website. On average, prices are up to 70 per cent lower in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania, meaning that patients will save a huge amount of money even once they have taken transport and accommodation costs into account.

Another reason people may choose to travel overseas is to avoid waiting lists and benefit from a wider range of treatments; dental treatment on the NHS is affordable for many but the range of treatments is small, as only essential treatments are covered. Cosmetic dentistry, which has become hugely popular, is not available on the NHS, meaning that patients have to pay private fees. The risk of joining a lengthy waiting list is also smaller overseas.

Are there any disadvantages?

There are greater risks associated with going abroad for dental treatment, especially in countries where EU regulations are not in place. Regulation is strict in the UK and protocol and policy relating to infection control, cross infection and standards of care and treatment may not be as stringent as in the UK. There have been numerous examples of botched operations abroad and patients actually end up paying a lot more than they would have done by having treatment at home; if you are thinking of having treatment abroad, make sure you do your research.

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How A Trip Can Be Enjoyed With Limited Finances

Oct 11, 2012
How A Trip Can Be Enjoyed With Limited Finances

Do you love to travel but you hold back due to lack of money and prices involved in it? If so, to overcome such consequences, perfect budget should be planned and for that it needs skills. To overcome the financial burdens during an excursion on limited budget few factors have to be kept in mind. Below are a few tips:

Before the journey:

  • Spend wisely: Some of the places can be visited once in a lifetime hence make the trip as best as possible by discovering all new places. Stop spending money on excessive basis so that you can save money for the travel and try saving money by eliminating expensive goods.
  • Planning: Plan earlier so that you can save enough money as per the place and city. This allows you to take necessary steps in gathering money.
  • Research: Try booking tickets in weekdays so that it costs less. Know about the place you are visiting and gather all the information  such as the entry fee or any extra gear for concerts etc. This helps you to be prepared financially for any extra cost and also allows you to estimate the expenditure of the travel.

During the journey:

  • Expenditure: money should be spent accordingly. Always try advance booking or deposits so that it can decrease the cost rather than using liquid cash. Try to use credit and debit cards instead of carrying huge amounts of cash.
  • Accommodation: Hotels and cottages will be costing high during the holiday season, so try accommodating as a paying guest or in any homesteads. This can cost you less.
  • Miscellaneous: Exploring different places can include many expenses on food, shelter and shopping. Try having food at  local cafes than restaurants. Avoid shopping as much as you can. If necessary buy from the stores which provide you with discounts or sales.
  • Sharing: Many people come for enjoying the holiday. Try sharing accommodation and food with them, which might help you with the budget and also enables you to meet new people. If there is any train or boat journey, go in a group so that there can be a rebate in the fare.
  • Coupons: Try taking useful things for the vacation instead of buying them.

Check online if any coupons are available for the tourist places. Visit the famous places and avoid the rest. Utilize the travel coupons and see that the trip is within the budget.

  • Travel passes: Few sightseeing places are located very far and you may have to travel by  train or a bus. Take the travel passes which are very less. In this way people can travel to other city also with the same pass. This can cut down the travel expenses and can maintain the trip in limited finance.

These are the tips, where a trip can be enjoyed with inadequate cash.

People who are excited about the trip or any excursion pack your bags and discover new things. But if shortage of money dulls you then there is nothing to worry, as you can opt for payday loans which are easy and fast.

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