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Things to consider when travelling abroad for weight loss surgery

Dec 08, 2011
Things to consider when travelling abroad for weight loss surgery

A new trend is emerging in the realm of cosmetic surgery—procedures performed abroad and out of the UK. Each year, hundreds of people flock to Europe and beyond from the UK to undergo weight loss surgery, including gastric bypass and gastric band surgery.

One of the main contributing factors influencing people’s decisions to travel abroad to undergo weight loss surgery is the competitive pricing. In Europe gastric bypass surgery is priced at £6,000 and gastric band surgery rings up for around £3,500 at the till. Price isn’t the only factor that should influence your decision to go abroad from the UK for weight loss surgery. Price guidance is on if you need more assistance. You should also consider:

Location, Location, Location

Doctors are always saying that location plays a major role in recovery after an illness or surgery. For many people the thought of undergoing weight loss surgery seems more appealing in a country with a better climate and more sunshine. When considering whether to travel abroad to undergo weight loss surgery, you should take location into account. Some people like to view their surgery trip as an opportunity for a mini break, padding out the procedure with a few extra days in the sun.

While this may be appealing, it is worth noting that some weight loss surgery, such as gastric band surgery requires the patient to be involved in some type of aftercare programme. Also, if any complications arise with your surgery, how feasible would it be to return to the country where you underwent the procedure? The cheaper surgery could end up costing double what you paid if any follow-up treatments were needed and you were required to return to the country where you underwent the procedure.

Aftercare Options

As we briefly mentioned, aftercare is an important part of weight loss surgery. Gastric band surgery requires that patients have follow up visits for adjustments, also known as fills. While this is seen as standard procedure in the UK and requires the patients to attend an actual appointment with their physician, this may not be the case abroad.

Cheap Does Not Always Mean Good

Just because another facility is offering the same weight loss surgery at a reduced price, it does not necessarily mean that they will provide adequate care. It is advised that you consider a number of clinics before making your decision. While it is unfortunate, there are some scrupulous facilities that exist purely to make a profit and do not take considerations concerning the best interest of the patient. To avoid falling prey to one such operation, you should try to have your procedure at a reputable clinic and in the hands of a surgeon who has undergone appropriate training.

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